Engine & Transmission

Check Engine LightBring your car in to us when your engine or transmission is noisy or leaking, shuddering or slipping or if the check engine light comes on. 

At Justin Engineerng we don't just throw parts at the problem.  We use our experience, our expertise, and our state of the art diagnostic equpment, and we take the time to determine the exact cause of your trouble.  Then we use the highest quality parts to replace only the specific parts that have malfunctioned.

We are experts at all types of diagnosis, which means when the repair is done you can expect your car to operate the way it was meant to.

Call us right away when your check engine light comes on.  We can usually see you the same day and plug into it with our diagnostic equiment to read the fault codes that are stored there, even if the light has gone out before you get here. 

It may be something as simple as a gas cap that wasn't tightened properly, but we need to access the fault codes to find out if it's something more serious.


ASE Certified       Bosch Authorized Service Center