Factory-Recommended Maintenance

Factory Recommended MaintenanceThe techs at Justin Engineering can perform your Factory-Recommended Maintenance without the high costs and inconvenience of taking it to the dealer.

We are qualified to perform your scheduled maintenace, without worry that your factory warranty will be affected.
Having a reliable car is vital to us in the northwoods... in addition to being one of our largest investments.  Let us help you protect it.  Factory-Recommended Maintenance can help extend the life of your car and prevent high-cost repairs. 

 At Justin Engineering, we use only the highest quality replacement parts, and install them expertly. 

A word about timing belts: Justin Engineering has extensive and specific experience in performing this critical service.  From Honda to Ferrari, we've done timing belt replacements with associated parts thousands of times.  Often this service is the key to a trouble free second hundred thousand miles, and you can count on us to perform it correctly.


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