Oil Change Service

Oil Change Service

Here at Justin Engineering we place the emphasis on "service."  Our oil services are performed to factory recommendations, with a thorough inspection of brakes, tires, lights, and critical systems.  We know your car, and can find "small" problems before they become "big" problems.

Why change the oil?  Over time, oil breaks down. There are many factors that contribute to the breakdown of the oil in your engine, but heat is the biggest contributing factor. In addition to the breakdown of the oil itself, there are also additives that are put in engine oil. These begin to break down and lose their effectiveness over time. There is also the issue of contamination. Small bits of dust, dirt and debris get into your engine and make their way into the oil. All these little bits of "stuff" make the oil much less slippery and much less effective at cushioning the moving parts of the engine.

So, how often should you change the oil? Most technicians recommend that you get an oil change every 3000 miles for maximum engine protection. Check your vehicle's owner's manual for the recommendations for your specific vehicle. Some manuals recommend an oil change every 7500 miles under certain driving conditions.

Synthetic premium oils are factory recommended on many models, and we proudly offer Amsoil Synthetic products.  Racing lubricants for super-high performance engine and drive train applications are also available.

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